What Info can I Find on a Jail Roster?

Jail rosters display information on each inmate that is usually updated weekly or whenever there has been a change in the status of a particular inmate. Not only can you find information about the current status of an inmate but you can also generally find the intake photos from when they came into jail, what they were charged with, their age, attorney as well as where they are being held. Here are some of the best ways that you can use the jail roster as a professional, lawyer or family member.

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Popular Information Found on a Jail Roster

Learning the official inmate number: By searching in a particular jail database you can see the names and pictures of inmates that are currently being held there. Usually it takes a few days for the system to update the status of a new inmate but from there you can find the official number that can be used to send funds to their commissary account and more.

Where the inmate is located: on occasion inmates can be relocated in county jails due to safety concerns, a longer sentence or overcrowding, checking into these eventuality through this system can be a great way to find the whereabouts of an inmate at any time. The address information for the facility that they are being held displays at the top of the info form.

Citizenship: You can learn citizenship information if you are interested in working with an embassy or international legal commission to work at expediting or assisting the legal process.

Relationship status: You can learn information about a persons relationship status whether they are married or single. This could be especially useful if you suspect if you have been lied to by an inmate and you would like to come forward.

Warrant Numbers: All of the warrant numbers and charges are displayed under the information and this can be used to update legal professionals in the future. With full warrant numbers it is possible to speak to law enforcement officials about the evidence as well as perform an investigation to see if all due processes were completed accurately. If you are confused about the abbreviation of a particular charge you can contact your local police department or google the results. You may often find new information about the types of charges that may be up against a person or some of their past pending convictions that may have landed them back in jail.

The date of admission: You can discover the date that a person was admitted to county jail. The time at which the file was entered into the system is also included.

Status: Extra status information can also be acquired such as a Hold to other country status (HTOC) if a person faces a crime in another country, AWTR for awaiting trial status, HPD hold for police department questioning, HPFC hold pending filing charges and more. Having access to these codes will give you an indication of a status on a particular charge.

Keep some of this info in mind if you are looking up information on an inmate in the county jail system.