FAQ About County Jail

Here are a number of the most commonly asked questions surrounding county Jail:

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How do I bond someone out of a county jail?

You can pay a bond via certified check, money order or cashier’s check. Bail bond agents can also post payment or you can pay a purge amount via payable certified check money order etc.

How long does it take to bond someone out of prison?

Bond can be posed 24 hours a day and it usually takes a few hours before a person can be released. Several checks and processes need to take place to ensure that the correct individual in a county jail system is released.

Do individuals being released get a phonecall?

Individuals who are being released can make a free local call for a ride home.

Will an inmate be fed?

Inmates receive 3 meals a day when they are in county jail. If an inmate is in jail for some time they can establish a commissary fund to buy extra menu items, seasonings and snacks beyond the typical three meals.

Can I send money to commissary for a county jail inmate?

There is no access to money in jail but family members and friends can submit money to an inmate via western union. To initiate the payment you will need to know the date of birth and name of an inmate as well as the facility that they are being held.

What if there is a medical emergency?

County jails have 24 hour medical support as well as on call physicians for emergencies. All inmates will receive the medical care that they require during their time in county jail.

What can be sent in the mail for correspondence?

The prison system has set rules for correspondence even in county jails. If you are going to send mail to an inmate make sure that postcards and photos are no larger than 4×6 inches and nothing may be attached to that item such as lipstick, perfume, glue or watercolors. Only 5 photos may be sent through the mail and they need to be placed in the same envelope. These photographs must not contain any explicit materials, nudity or controversial images. No collages can be sent the image must be a single image. For the most part only small postcards and letters are allowed.

How can I find out the amount of the bond?

You can search for an inmate in the official database or contact the government line to determine current charges or bond requirements.

Can I bring in items to make an inmate more comfortable?

Only approved items are allowed into the jail but if you get a court order for shoes, clothing etc it is possible to share some items on a case by case basis for inmates. These approved items are often only items which are necessary to health.

Can I pick up property acquired during an arrest?

During set hours and a pre authorized release from the inmate it is possible to pick up personal property that was seized at the time of arrest.

When can I visit an inmate?

Visiting an inmate can take place during approved visiting times and based on approval lists created by inmates.

Can I watch the trial?

Trials are presented on CCTV from visitation buildings at most county jails. Some county jails have also set up livestreams of their court processes.