Alabama Jail Roster

Welcome to! We’ve assembled the best information with jail roster links and Alabama jail information. It’s really easy to find an inmate that’s on a jail roster in Alabama. To begin, know that you have rights to find an inmate using a AL jail roster search. Just follow the instructions below:

Jail Roster in Alabama

Below, you will see links to the various counties in Alabama that we have available to find someone on a jail inmate roster.

To start your search, click one of the links below for the county or city in Alabama where you want to view a jail roster:

Alabama County Jail Roster

Baldwin County Jail Roster
Barbour County Jail Roster
Bibb County Jail Roster
Blount County Jail Roster
Bullock County Jail Roster
Calhoun County Jail Roster
Chambers County Jail Roster
Chambers County Jail Roster
Chilton County Jail Roster
Covington County Jail Roster
Cullman County Jail Roster
Dallas County Jail Roster
Dekalb County Jail Roster
Franklin County Jail Roster
Geneva County Jail Roster
Henry County Jail Roster
Houston County Jail Roster
Lawrence County Jail Roster
Lee County Jail Roster
Madison County Jail Roster
Marengo County Jail Roster
Mobile Co Unty Jail Roster
Morgan County Jail Roster
Perry County Jail Roster
St Clair County Jail Roster
Tallapoosa County Jail Roster
Tuscaloosa County Jail Roster
Walker County Jail Roster

Alabama City Jail Roster

Florence Jail Roster
Huntsville Jail Roster
Jacksonville Jail Roster
Montgomery Jail Roster
Tuscaloosa Jail Roster

What You Need To Locate an Inmate

The most obvious but important thing is that you have the person’s full legal name and last location of the person before they disappeared or were arrested. With advances in technology, most of the jails in Alabama are have digital jail rosters, so the more information you have before reviewing a Alabama jail roster, the more successful your search will be. Our Alabama jail inmate roster links above will help ease your mind and help you to find someone that you know.

Finding an Inmate

If you’re looking to locate a prisoner on a Alabama jail roster, start by clicking the links above to drill down to a city or county jail in Alabama. There, you’ll find information about how to call an inmate, where to send mail, bail bonds, visitation rules, commissary funds, and a lot more about the jails in AL. If someone you know disappears and you’re trying to locate them, it’s a good idea to communicate with local jails or prisons  even more so if they have a history of crime  and they might be waiting for someone to bail them out. Our Alabama jail rosters are a great place to begin whether you’re a family member, friend, or public defender looking for clients.

Alabama Inmate Search Benefits

Remember you have rights given to you by the Constitution to be able to locate someone who has been detained and who might be on a Alabama jail roster. All police officers are required to “book” a Alabama prisoner into their local court system, which more than likely is now electronic, making much easier to find someone on a AL jail roster from the comfort of your own home. These electronic records will help save you hours of time, because in the past if you were trying to locate a prisoner you had to physically call each of the county or city jails to ask if an inmate was there. When the person is admitted into the jail, important information is taken and added to the jail roster including name, address, photo mugshots, and fingerprints. Some of this information will be available to you (depending on county) when you perform your search. If you are unsure about which jail a person might be in, select another county from the list above and repeat your steps until you have exhausted all options.