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Welcome to JailRoster.org, which is the internet’s best FREE jail roster directory! We’ve collected information from thousands of jails, including all of the links to browse the most recent jail rosters and directories. We have over 2,000 county, state, and federal jails from across the country in our directory, so we know that this is the best place to start to locate a person.
It’s really easy to search a jail roster! To begin, click the link below to the state that you would like to search, and after that select the city or county jail to find the jail roster link. We don’t only have the rosters, we also give you some useful information about the jail facility such as phone number, address, and more. Change to click any of the state links above to start.

Locating Someone on a Jail Roster

Once you’ve figured out the county/city that the person might be located in, you should gather even more information (if you can) to help locate that person:

  • Name
  • Date of Arrest
  • Home Address
  • Charges

What Can I Use This Information For?

If you’ve located someone on our search, we include other information about the jail they’re being held at such as phone number, mailing address, bail bonds, directions. And other things related to that prison or jail. You will be able to gather information about why that person is being held in jail, find their arrest record, and more. Because people used to have to call all of the jails directly to find an inmate on a jail roster, we know that our online search will help you find information about that person fast and accurately.

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